One World Living Together, St. Joseph’s College ESL Week

St. Joseph’s College School organized an English Second language (ESL) Week Luncheon at the school gym. The week, named “One World Living Together” included activities from November 21-25, 2016. Special guest Senator Tobias Enverga, was in attendance at the ESL Week Luncheon which was a fantastic multicultural show celebration gathering for all ESL students. Senator Tobias Enverga, Mrs. Rosemer Enverga, Principal Helen Lesniak, Vice-Principals Jennifer Corbett , Mary Topping Keenan, ESL Head Department Peter Beamish, Sarah Lopes, Judy Pregelj, Josephine Lobo, staff and Maria Guiao, School Settlement Worker all supported the event.

Joyful and warm welcome greetings from Helen Lesniak led the day followed by an empowering speech straight from the heart. Peter Beamish provided an inspirational and positive message with Maria Guiao. A successful immigrant story introduction to the ESL Week luncheon was provided by guest speaker Senator Enverga who was also a former Toronto Catholic District School Board Trustee. He told his life story as an immigrant, the joys and challenges of everyday life, his strong values of life and emphasized how exposure to a wide range of disciplines provides an opportunity to explore new areas to set goals and transform dreams into realities. Strong education is vital for the prosperity of individuals, ourselves, our family, our community and our nation. Success and opportunities for all. The multicultural show by the ESL students was fantastic! The ESL luncheon event was joyful, warm and welcoming and brought a sense of belonging to this school-family celebration. There was relaxing, fun and good times, inspiring, motivating and a camaraderie for all. All attendees were invited to sing along with the performers to the songs “We are the World” and “Let It Be” and others.

Beamish and ESL students performed their artistic talents that everyone enjoyed listening to.  ESL students were feeling proud of their performance! A catered ESL Week sumptuous lunch buffet was provided by the school. Together Senator Tobias and Rosemer Enverga, Judy Pregelj and Maria Guiao went to other school classes. Senator Tobias Enverga, invited the school staff to bring the students to Parliament in Ottawa for an educational trip.

This was an unforgettable ESL Week! And St. Joseph’s College School were honoured to welcome our Special Guests.

Maria Guiao, Settlement Workers in Schools