Mentorship Gets Results

Mohamed is a hardworking, results driven financial services representative from Bangladesh, who came to Canada at the beginning of 2017. As excited as anyone could be with starting his new life in Canada and finding a job to support his family, he started applying for jobs online. However, with no success. Time was passing and life in Canada is very expensive.

He got to know about CultureLink from his settlement worker. CultureLink had a job posting sent by one of the employers who was willing to hire newcomers with no Canadian experience.

He applied for the position after his first Canadian resume was prepared by Warda from our employment team. The feedback from the employer was “He has potential but needs someone to help reach it”.

Here came the role of the mentorship program. Mohamed was matched with a mentor in May who helped him become job ready, from knowing how to tailor his resume to interview practice and connecting him with a recruiter. Mohamed got his first job in Canada as a credit administration officer at TD bank. Although it’s a contract job, it means a lot for him as he believes it will open many doors for him as he now has some Canadian experience.

As Mohamed explained: “My experience was really excellent as a newcomer with you, CultureLink and my mentor… You really helped me a lot and I came to know how to search for jobs, job interview techniques and CV writing techniques. I credit CultureLink and my mentor for getting me a job.”

By Eman El Atawy