Vine Project

The Vine Project is a website promoting creative expression of racially diverse communities in the General Toronto Area. It provides an exciting space for individuals to freely explore cultural roots, migrations experiences and their contemporary realities. This ground breaking project is a joint effort between Premika Ratnam and Culturelink.

Vine Project Website

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This site came together as a result of an organic collaboration of numerous people. This project would not have been possible without the generous support and contribution of the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Content Online strategy, and CultureLink. CultureLink staff and community have enthusiastically supported the project.  Thanks to the Board of Directors and to Ibrahim Absiye, Wilson Yu, Francisco Vidal, Lisa Randall, Zarina Decambra and all the staff and clients of the Host Programme, Newcomer Settlement Programme, the Newcomer Youth Programme and the ROMA programme, the “vine” grows fruitfully to carry a variety of stories in migrants’ journey.