Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with CultureLink

Volunteer with CultureLink

Your meaningful volunteer work with CultureLink will make our community significantly more welcoming to newcomers: being a mentor, you can help a foreign-trained professional integrate into the Canadian job market with greater ease; facilitating an English Conversation Circle, you can help a group of newcomers improve their English; tutoring a newcomer student, you are investing in Canada’s future–learn more and join now! For more information, contact Claudia Rivera at

Donate to CultureLink

CultureLink is a charitable nonprofit organization. Many of CultureLink’s new programs that assist the underprivileged newcomer population rely on generous donations from compassionate Canadians.

Partner With CultureLink

Partnership is key in community building. We strive to build effective partnerships with community stakeholders like you to better serve our clients. Past projects with our community partners have been very successful, and we are on the constant lookout for opportunities to explore new programming areas with you to collaboratively address emerging or underserved needs.