Research Partnership to Prevent Violence: Resilient Relationships among Newcomer Youth

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Healthy relationships, based on respect and gender equity are fundamental to healthy, resilient communities. Promoting Resilient Relationships among Newcomer Youth is a partnership research project that will explore how newcomer youth invent, explore and negotiate gender roles and relations in Canada. This type of information is crucial to inform the development of newcomer specific policies and programs to prevent intimate …

Newcomer Youth Centre

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The end of fall is usually a bittersweet time for the Newcomer Youth Centre; this month, for example, concluded our Global Roots program for the season (that’s the bitter part).  In partnership with The Stop, CultureLink facilitates a weekly multicultural, inter-generational community foods garden known as Global Roots. By sharing food growing and preparation traditions from around the world, Global …

Sankofa Youth Drop-in Program

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Sankofa CultureLink Youth is a peer-supported positive space for newcomer LGBTQ+ youths, newcomer girls and refugee youths (aged 15-29) seeking discrimination-free and culturally inclusive services.