New Canadian Experience

In Canada, volunteer experience counts as bona fide work experience. And volunteerism is considered a hallmark of a “real Canadian”. The Newcomer Canadian Experience Initiative introduces the newly arrived immigrants and refugees to various community volunteer activities so that they can gain their first positive “Canadian experience,” helping to accelerate their integration progress. The program actively identifies and engages with community partners who can provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for new Canadians to take advantage of and grow with. We also select and train experienced Canadian volunteers to become mentors for newcomer volunteers. Together with our mentors and community partners, we provide a welcoming and safe learning environment for the newcomer volunteers to experience the Canadian ways of civic engagement. The mentors will help orient newcomers with the various activities, coaching them on effectively conducting assignments, and help them enhance their knowledge and skills related to the tasks.

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What Volunteer Activities Will I be Involved in?

  • Event helpers: to help with outreach, security, customer services, logistics, entertainment and so forth, for events such as the Toronto International Film Festival.
  • Community animators: to help promote environmentally friendly ways of living and healthy lifestyles within newcomer communities by being a community animator of nonprofit or charity organizations such as the Toronto Cyclists Union and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Current Mentoring Projects:

Previous New Canadian Experience Projects:

  • Community Living Toronto 2012
  • St John Ambulance Project 2012 and 2013
  • CultureLink 25th Anniversary Gala Project 2013

How Can I Join?

    Please call 416-588-6288, ext. 210.