Wintegration Club

The Wintegration Club was created in 2013 for some WinterAction and SnOw much fun by offering welcoming and accessible opportunities for newcomers of all ages to participate in outdoor winter activities and to start developing a healthy habit of staying active year around from the onset of their settlement process.

During the winter months, the Club provides newcomers with a variety of free trips and events (weather and budget permitting) such as skating, tobogganing, walking/ hiking, making snow creations and much more. Planned and organized by experienced mentors and newcomer peer volunteers,  these activities generally run from December to Mid  April (weather permitting) and engage hundreds of newcomers into fun, safe and heartwarming winter activities.

In the course of the winter with Wintegration Club, the Club Members will:

  • ›  explore Canadian culture (winter sports, activities and customs)
  • ›  learn and/or improve the skill in skating, skiing, sledging, etc.
  • ›  increase well-being (physical, mental and emotional)
  • ›  meet new people (networking and socializing)
  • ›  have a chance to spend a quality active time with the family


Wintegration Club Volunteer Opportunity

for Newcomers (immigrants & convention refugees who hold valid Permanent Resident card)

Integrate your leadership into creativeness for winter activities for newcomers to Canada

Join EVENT PLANNING and MARKETING teams where you can:

  • help organize free/low-cost amazing winter events and sports activities
  • be mentored by experienced volunteers
  • network and socialize with new and established Canadians
  • improve English and project management skills
  • obtain reference letter and other volunteer benefits

Wintergration is now part of NEAT WinterAction & SnOw much Fun! We are currently recruiting mentors and newcomer Event Planners to organize guided tours and winter activities in Fall/Winter. Please see details at:



Wintegration Club activities are open to everyone! Join the club by signing up at By signing up, you will become a club member and will get regular notification of winter activities happening from December till mid April. You will be able to RSVP for any activity that you are interested in. If you need help signing up, please click here for instructions. If you are already a member of NEATwalks, log-in to re-activate your membership. If you are a member of another meetup group, log-in and search for NEATwalks and click on “join this group”.

Participation in these winter activities is entirely voluntary. Please read the liability questions carefully when signing up for membership. CultureLink is not responsible for any loss/incident that may occur during such activities. Everyone participating is responsible for their own safety and well-being and of their children (if applicable).

The club membership is open to the community members – all are welcome!

When participating in any activity, please come prepared for the weather and any changes that may occur during the planned activity. Please read/follow the instructions of the organizers carefully to stay safe and fully enjoy the activities.

Contact Rubeen Chauhan (416-588-6288 x 231 – for further information or questions regarding Wintegration Club.

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Newcomers Explore and Appreciate Toronto


Upcoming Winter Activities (to be confirmed):

  • A walk in the summer evening
  • Fall colours in Dentonia Park/ Scarborough Bluffs
  • Haunter Toronto (Halloween)
  • Trip to the Islands
  • Exploring the Royal Ontario Museum
  • Exploring the PATH
  • Lights and Sights of Downtown Toronto
  • and many more….

Please visit or sign-up at for latest information on events!

Updated: January 2, 2017



Check out the weather before leaving the house – always know the windchill as that’s how cold it feels like outside. Be aware of extreme cold alerts, be safe and check upon others especially seniors and young children.

Dressing up:

In order to be safe in the winter, one must be fully covered from head to toe to avoid any type of frostbite or health problem especially if you are planning to stay outside for an extended period of time. Dressing up in layers is advised so you can easily remove one or two layers if needed. In addition to your winter jacket, shoes, gloves and hat, use polyester or silk layers. Use thermal socks and long-johns and use hand-warmers for extra warmth. Use scarf or balaclava (ski mask) to cover your face and neck. Stay hydrated by drinking water occasionally.

If you are covered properly to stay outdoors, you will enjoy each activity much more!!!


In 2013-2014, this program was generously sponsored by Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Recreation of Ontario Government and supported in-kind by  programs funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Find out more about this pilot program by checking out our program report:

Feeling the Beauty of Winter – CultureLink’s Wintegration Club 2013-2014