Donation Collection

Refugee Donation Centre – Now closed!

27 May 2016:

Our donation and distribution centre has closed. So we can no longer accept donations of clothing, household items and toiletries. We are still grateful to receive financial donations to help Syrians and other refugee families with settlement needs.

If you have goods to donate, here are some suggestions:

  1. Furniture: You can donate furniture, in good condition, to the Furniture Bank Toronto. We will refer refugees to this charity to get furniture. For appliances, consider donating to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore program.
  2. Food: Consider donating food items to a local food bank near your home. If you need the address and contact info for a food bank near you, please call 211.
  3. Clothing: Some options for donating clean, good-quality clothing are New Circles, local shelters and drop-in centres. Call 211 to find out what is close to you.

Donation Centre Background:

Responding to the urgent and massive resettlement needs of the imminent influx of Syrian refugees, we established an emergency Donation Collection and Distribution Centre at CultureLink. Our landlord  kindly offered a space beside our office for this purpose. We are located right by a subway station (Dundas West), so its easy for newcomers to access our services. We also have 21 Certified Information and Referral Specialists on staff and five Arabic-speaking staff members who can provide extensive settlement services and referrals to the refugee families. Donation Distribution started on January 18, 2016 and finishes on Friday May 20, 2016.

(Check our Donation FAQs)