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Feeling alone and isolated? Experiencing culture shock and feeling awkward in new social settings? Trapped in the seemingly never-ending “resume, cover-letter, interview” job-searching circle, looking for that big break through the right connections? You have just clicked on the right link! We, the Community Connections Mentorship Program, are here to link you with not only the right services, but also the right people who can assist you on your journey to become settled and integrate into your new country.

Join CultureLink Mentoring Club today to be invited to any of our exciting mentoring events, be matched with a mentor and receive various mentoring benefits.

If you hold a valid Permanent Resident card, please join us for the following activities:

Participate in one of our various events to meet new friends and enrich your experiences. We can help you with your first Canadian experience through our New Canadian Experience program; we can match you with a Career Mentor who will meet with you regularly to help you practice English, and improve your knowledge of Canadian workplace culture and other skills that will help you find employment. If you are preparing for your citizenship test or simply wanting to learn more about your new country, you can join our Citizenship Education Mentorship Circle. There, through fun and meaningful activities, you will not only enhance your knowledge about Canada, but also get learn about exercising your rights and responsibilities as future citizens. Best of all, you will always have a mentor assisting you throughout the learning process. Click on the links at the right to find a service that best fits your needs,or call us at 416-588-6288 to talk to us.

To help us better understand your needs and find a good match for you, you need to fill out a registration form and complete a need assessment with a Mentorship Program Worker. Please call 416-588-6288, ext. 210 if you encounter any problem with the form.