Get Help with School

Learning about the Canadian education system is part of the settlement process, and SWIS (Settlement Workers in Schools) workers can help you better understand what is happening in schools and the community at large.

The SWIS workers facilitate access to services and resources where there are barriers due to language, gender, age, culture, and race. More importantly, they promote culturally sensitive links between school staff and newcomer families.

One-on-One Settlement Counselling

On a regular basis, SWIS workers set up one-on-one  supportive settlement counselling to provide you with information about and referrals to free programs and services in your area.

Group Activities

In schools or community agencies, SWIS workers help to organize workshops for parents, students, and school staff to learn more about settlement services; as part of these orientation sessions, you can participate in and learn more about particular education or settlement-related issues, such as learning a new language, immigration, employment for adults and high school students, report cards, parenting strategies, parks and recreation opportunities, finance, and housing and more.

There are many school-based groups and student clubs–from homework help to social support groups, SWIS workers facilitate or co-organize with school or other community agencies. To find more about these group sessions , contact your school settlement worker.

Interpretation and Communication Facilitation

Although most of Culturelink’s SWIS staff have diverse backgrounds and speak many languages, our settlement workers are not formal interpreters, as most schools can arrange for formal translation and interpretation services through School Boards. However, SWIS workers can facilitate communication with and provide culturally sensitive interpretation to parents and school staff.


Helping to empower newcomer immigrants is very important to our Settlement Workers–from conducting various workshops and presentations to teachers and school administrators, to providing support and advocacy to parents and students, SWIS workers participate on many committees and advisory bodies that deal with immigrant issues.