Outdoor Activities

Enjoy Fun and Free Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities help keep us healthy and happy. Exercise, enjoying some fresh air, and getting to know your city are all important activities for newcomers. At CultureLink, we strive to introduce newcomers to the great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, in every season.

Wintegration Club

The Wintegration Club creates some Winteraction for newcomers to enjoy our coldest season, with SnOw much fun, free and healthy outdoor recreation activities. As one participant told us last year, “Wintegration Club was really joyful and helpful to me and to my family. We, as newcomers, enjoy the events in spite of having such cold weather. In fact I managed to feel the beauty of winter! I never forget the friendly communication between the different groups, amazing activities (esp. curling) and furthermore energetic words of [staff], which made us more motivated for promoting the events!”

Contact Rubeen Chauhan at 416-588-6288 x 231 rchauhan@culturelink.ca or visit our web page: Wintegration Club

NEAT – Newcomers Explore and Appreciate Toronto

Toronto is the most walkable city in Canada. New Torontonians are curious about their city and walking is the most healthy and inexpensive way to explore new places. Our NEAT program gives you a chance to learn more about the city’s culture and history, while also gaining valuable Canadian experience. If you join our NEAT Event Planning and Marketing teams, you will help organize walking trips, be mentored by experienced Canadian volunteers, network and socialize, and improve your English and project management skills in a Canadian context. Contact Rubeen Chauhan at rchauhan@culturelink.ca; click here to learn more about event planning and click here to see what’s coming up!

Bike to School Project

The Bike to School Project works in Toronto high schools to create an environment in which diverse students, parents, teachers and staff can discover the personal, community and ecological benefits of cycling for transportation in healthy, safe and happy ways. Click here for more about this project, offered in partnership with Cycle Toronto, the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank and Evergreen, and here for more information about the background of our cycling programs overall. Contact Kristin Schwartz at 416-588-6288 x229 or cycling@culturelink.ca.

Bike Host

Over half of adults in Toronto are born outside of Canada. Through Bike Host, cyclists are helping make Toronto more welcoming for newcomers, and newcomers are experiencing more of Toronto by bike. As part of our Bike to School Project, we are offering the Bike Host program to adults (18+), with a focus on those connected to schools as parents or students. We match volunteer mentors with newcomer “mentees” who cycle.  Click here to find out more.

Global Roots Garden

In the spring and summer of, CultureLink connects youth and seniors to plant a “Global Roots Garden” at the Green Arts Barns in midtown Toronto. Contact Zarina Butt at 416-588-6288 x240 or zbutt@culturelink.ca.