Practicum Students

CultureLink places undergraduate practicum students involved with programs related to social work, social services, and office administration. The following universities, colleges, and community-learning institutions are currently working in partnership with CultureLink:

  • University of Toronto
  • York University
  • Ryerson University
  • Guelph University
  • Humber College
  • Seneca College
  • George Brown College
  • Sheridan College
  • Academy of Learning
  • Citi College
  • Working Skills Centre

Positions Available

The following placement positions are currently available:



Application/Orientation/Evaluation Process:

–        To apply for a placement position at CultureLink, please send resume, cover letter and Application Form stating your placement interests according to the positions available above. Documents shall be sent to the Office Manager at; documents shall be sent at least one month and a half ahead of placement start date.

–        An interview will be scheduled with potential supervisor.

–        If staff and student are willing and able to work together, then the student will fill out the student placement application form; will sign the confidentially agreement and will submit all required documents.

–        An on-boarding session will be scheduled with the student and the Student Placement Coordinator to provide orientation on Student Placement Policy, Agency Overview, Health and Safety procedures, and agency tour.

–        Student will then be placed with staff. A learning plan has to be in place which the student will develop with staff feedback and guidance.

–        Future activities include field instruction, monitoring and evaluation.

–        An electronic exit evaluation is done at the end of the placement to evaluate the student level of satisfaction and to request feedback to improve our practice.

For more information, please contact the Office Manager at


Student Testimonials 

“I am so grateful that I chose to do my placement at CultureLink. I have been able to learn so many different skills and to practice the theory I learn in class in real world situations. My supervisor was especially supportive and always helped me find the projects and people on the CCMP team that would allow me to achieve my learning goals. She gave me freedom to experiment, fail and succeed and always helped me see each new activity as a success in my learning process. In fact, I achieved my extensive list of learning goals by the end of my 8 month placement, but also walked away with invaluable experience in so many unexpected areas. The CCMP team are extremely friendly and welcoming to new people and ideas and management even stepped in and motivated me to work with new and challenging projects. The staff at CultureLink always made me feel at home and I was very sad to finish my placement, though endlessly grateful for what everyone allowed me to and helped me to accomplish.”

-Rachel Bennett: CCMP Placement Student (September 2016-April 2017)