Employment Opportunities at CultureLink

CultureLink works within an anti-oppression framework and is committed to equity.

Job Post #7 Youth Theatre Performers

CultureLink’s Community Services Department is seeking to recruit and hire 12 Youth Theatre Performers, ages 15 to 30, as part of Canada Summer Jobs. The Youth Theatre Program is an 8-week initiative designed to develop storytelling, performance, digital marketing, and event planning skills, strengthening youth leadership capacity, cross-cultural and workplace communication, and employability skills. This initiative is directed to youth looking for employment opportunities related to arts, theatre, and the entertainment industry. Youth will be guided by a theatre professional in the writing, performing and production of an original play. The play will be based on immigration and settlement experiences; the youth will express their own voices and the voices of immigrant seniors living in isolation and poverty.

32 hours/week
Start Date: June 8, 2019
End Date: August 30, 2019
Youth Theatre Performers

Job Post #16 Project Worker, CultureLink Bike Hub

CultureLink is seeking a project worker with the CultureLink Bike Hub at 15 Tobermory Drive in North York. The successful candidate will train volunteers and contribute to the repair and refurbishment of hundreds of bicycles, fostering a culture of reuse and recycling. Deadline is Monday June 24, 2019.

35 hours/week
Start Date: July 8, 2019
End Date: December 31, 2019 with the possibility of extension
Short Term Project Worker – CultureLink Bike Hub

Job Post #13 Youth Summer Theatre Coordinator

The Newcomer Youth services at CultureLink are seeking a Youth Summer Theatre Coordinator for the Newcomer Youth Summer Theatre program. The successful candidate will inspire, motivate, and guide a diverse group of newcomer youth through theatre-based and leadership skills development, and the creation of a youth-driven theatre performance.

35 hours/week
Start Date: July 8, 2019
End Date: August 30, 2019
Seasonal Worker – Youth Summer Theatre