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The Three-Month Journey of Alex

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Alex Munoz Marin started the Cybersecurity Training Program with Culturelink on Nov 29, 2019.  He had no previous experience in IT, however, he brought his expertise in auditing for banking and commercial industries. With his background, he was able to transfer his skills and expertise to capitalize on the CSX training. During the first part of the program, the week …

Employment Rights in Ontario Workshop

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Labour Market Assistance program in the partnership with the Workers Action Centre provided the participants with practical knowledge, facts and tools regarding Employment Rights in Ontario including minimum wage, overtime, employment termination, cash jobs, filing a complaint, vacation and public holidays, Employment Insurance application. We received a great interest and positive feedback from the participants of this informative workshop.

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A Thank You Note

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On February 21, one of our clients wrote: Dear program worker, First, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and CultureLink for the constant support and encouragement that I received since the day I walked into the organization.  I still remember the day I met with one of the employment counsellors. She patiently listened to my struggle …

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Cybersecurity students learn about Risk Management of Digital Innovation from TD Manager Opal Kelly

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Opal Kelly, Digital Risk Manager at TD Bank addressed avid Culturelink’s IT Security students along with other Cybersecurity enthusiasts from Toronto early last month. Her presentation on Risk Management of Digital Innovation sheds light on the importance and need for different applications and processes to mitigate risks in financial firms. Innovation in FinTech or Financial Technology is essential in today’s …