The Right Place at the Right Time

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Serendipity is defined as an event where a person finds something pleasant or valuable that they were not looking for. Is it luck? Fate? Call it what you might, it happens. It could be an unexpected call or text from someone dear, finding a object that brings back memories or a coin on the floor in your daily commute. Serendipity …

Families Linked Together

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In 2009, Bob Chua heard about CultureLink at a job centre. He was told that CultureLink offered programs for newcomers, and learned about one particular program that paired a newcomer with a local Canadian, a match that was meant to help the newcomer adapt to their new country. When Bob signed up for the program, he was given the option …

Mercer-CultureLink Newcomer Internship

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CultureLink is proud to announce a new edition of our strategic alliance with Mercer. Both organizations came together to create the Mercer-CultureLink Newcomer Internship Program. The 6-month internship opportunity helps newcomers explore the Canadian professional services landscape and gain valuable Canadian work experience. Below is the story of Somas, a newcomer client who got the internship in 2021. Somaskandan Jayaraman …

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How CultureLink Helped Me

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I decided to move to Canada with more than eight years of work experience in global business management and an international MBA. As someone who hired and managed senior professionals in India, Japan, and South Korea, I thought, what could be so different? I thought I knew how to find a job in Canada, yet it took me four months …

Empowering Newcomers To Succeed

Empowering Newcomers to Succeed

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Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Training Gives Newcomers Tools to Succeed in Canada‚Äôs Diverse Workplace By Ilaneet Goren While the vision and promise of a better life have brought many of us to Canada, research shows that skilled immigrants continue to face barriers to employment due to bias and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, language, religion and other grounds. And …