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The Leaders of Today

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Leadership doesn’t come with a title or seniority. Experience and hierarchy might give you authority and power, but do not make you a leader. Leadership has little to do with personality. One could be a low-key introvert with leadership skills. Leadership is the ability to listen to others and lead by example. Leaders act with determination and integrity. A leader …

Engage and Explore Nature

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CultureLink is hosting a FREE online program to support Newcomers (landed immigrants and convention refugees) who are new to Canada, want to practice English and learn about nature, common animals and plants found in the GTA neighbourhoods. Participants will be introduced to land trusts and provided with an overview of some apps/tips that can help them learn more about the …

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Exploring the Outdoors of Canada with Newcomer Youth

Aqeela Saddiqui Summer Settlement Program

Exploring the vast outdoors of Canada has long been one of the great pastimes of this country. But you need to know what you’re doing before going off into the wild. This is why our Summer Settlement Program provides an opportunity for newcomer youth to learn the ropes of camping. Last month, our settlement workers Yuhong Wang and Barbora Gomezova …

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40 Tibetan seniors visited the Royal Ontario Museum!

Aqeela Saddiqui Summer Settlement Program

Tsewang Lhadon is one team member of our Settlement Workers in School Program. During the warmer months, while schools are on break, the team organizes different outdoor activities for newcomers. This is what we call our Summer Settlement Program. Tsewang is happy to share the story of her latest visit to the ROM with a very special group of clients. …