How Yiwen Became a Leader

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October 12th, 2017 is a day that Yiwen will remember for the rest of her life. On that day, she got on a plane all by herself and travelled twelve hours to meet her family in Canada. She landed in a different country for the first time ever. Looking back at those first moments in Toronto, she says “I did …

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The Leaders of Today

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Leadership doesn’t come with a title or seniority. Experience and hierarchy might give you authority and power, but do not make you a leader. Leadership has little to do with personality. One could be a low-key introvert with leadership skills. Leadership is the ability to listen to others and lead by example. Leaders act with determination and integrity. A leader …

Engage and Explore Nature

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CultureLink is hosting a FREE online program to support Newcomers (landed immigrants and convention refugees) who are new to Canada, want to practice English and learn about nature, common animals and plants found in the GTA neighbourhoods. Participants will be introduced to land trusts and provided with an overview of some apps/tips that can help them learn more about the …

Newcomer Youth Together Talent Show

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Our Program Worker – Settlement Worker in Schools, Constance Kendall, hosted a Talent show for the Newcomer Youth! On June 19th 2020, newcomer youth representatives from across the city of Toronto came together to share their talents and thoughts on these unprecedented times of the COVID 19 lockdown. Youth displayed a variety of talents in this one hour zoom production …

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A Bed and a Chair

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Ayham is new to Canada, he lives alone in Toronto while all of his family is back in Syria. A few weeks ago, he called 211 in search of a nearby settlement agency that supports the LGBTQ community and was referred to CultureLink. He was working at a drugstore to gain Canadian experience while studying to upgrade his mechanical engineering …