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The Leaders of Today

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Leadership doesn’t come with a title or seniority. Experience and hierarchy might give you authority and power, but do not make you a leader. Leadership has little to do with personality. One could be a low-key introvert with leadership skills. Leadership is the ability to listen to others and lead by example. Leaders act with determination and integrity. A leader …

Artegration program partnering with the St Philips Lutheran Church

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Artegration is an After-School Program for newcomer children between ages 6-12 which provides innovative programming that helps them to; integrate into their new communities through art activities, recreation, homework help, English literacy, healthy lifestyle choices, leadership community capacity building and forming a sense of civic pride. The objective of the program is to; increase self esteem, confidence, and communication skills, …

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Empowering Children Through Music

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CultureLink’s Nai Children’s Choir brings children together to have fun, while it provides a safe space for children to be children. With the use of music, newcomer children are given the opportunity to integrate, learn about Canada, speak English and perform with their new friends.

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Youth Leadership Program

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The Youth Leadership Program is an education and leadership initiative held between CultureLink Settlement and Community Services and the UNHCR. This initiative recruited 10 young people between the ages of 18 and 24, who did not have any experience in refugee issues or stories, and helped them engage in the narratives and different experiences from refugees in Canada. The program …

Sankofa program partnering with Teach2Learn

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In November 2019, the Sankofa program began a partnership with Teach2Learn to collaborate in the Latinx Mentorship Program. The program, which has been serving youth for over 10 years, focuses on helping Latin American newcomer youth to settle in Canada as well as promoting the recovery of cultural identity for Canadian-born youth of Latin American background. The workshops are facilitated …