CultureLink Becomes a Powerhouse for Social Service MOOCs

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MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses have been around for nine years and already become a common practice with respected universities and research institutions. But producing MOOCs to deliver social services and to help build non-profit sectors’ capacity is still a new concept.

For CultureLink, however, this is no longer just an idea, but has been a proven successful service delivery model since the beginning of 2015. This month, there are three CultureLink-produced MOOCs listed simultaneously on the first page of the course catalog on, one of the major international MOOC platforms. This is a rare phenomenon.

CultureLink, as a small Toronto-based non-profit, is still pretty much unknown in other countries. Nevertheless, it is competing with all these world-class institutions in e-learning and leading the way in the unique Social MOOC niche internationally. Six months after we launched our first social service MOOC, Amnesty International launched its first one on edX and Ryerson University rolled out their first one on Now we have produced four social service MOOCs and trained more than 7,000 learners from around the world.

Curious about CultureLink’s Social MOOCs? Would like to enroll in one or two of its current MOOCs? Here are the signup links to these free courses:

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