Gaining Courage and Confidence: Testimonial from a Peer Leader

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I was once a newcomer too. I came here two years ago. When I came here I felt very nervous, lonely, sad and a little excited. I had to leave my family, close friends, cousins and my culture. It was bad at first. I had a hard time learning the language, figuring out the school system, Canadian culture and making friends. But despite of all the problems that I experienced I gained courage and confidence. I learned the language, I made friends… tons of friends, I experienced working and volunteering and I couldn’t do all this without the people who supported me when I wasn’t confident. I thank them for their utmost support. Time flew by and here I am a Peer Leader with the NOW program for newcomers. I completely recommend whoever is  “New to Canada” to join us in this program and we will teach, reflect and enjoy life here in Canada as I give you the courage and confidence to make friends, learn English, learn the culture and school systems and bring out your “inner self” . So you can be the best that you can possibly be.

By Brian Villacorta, Peer Leader