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Happy Birthday Nai!

CultureLink’s Nai Children’s Choir turns FIVE! Nai will be celebrating 5 years of programming in April 2021. Reaching this milestone has been made possible by the generosity of previous sponsors and donors, whose contribution enabled us to provide wellness through music for newcomers and refugee children.

The Nai program leverages the social, emotional and community benefits of music to support children and their families in celebrating their cultures while establishing connections in their new home in Canada. Furthermore, our Choir has performed diverse music for thousands of audience members.

Join our support system to enable us to continue bringing wellness through music for years to come. Your donation will ensure that Nai continues to provide FREE music education, homework help, healthy snacks, support for families, employment for newcomers and diverse artists and youth. Your contribution celebrates music and diversity, brings smiles to these talented young people and their families, and it uplifts the community.

You can support Nai with a charitable donation, sponsorship or in-kind donation. Donate now!

For more information about the choir and their activities, visit Nai Choir