NOW Peer Leader uses NOW as her stepping stone to success!

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By Barbora Gomezova

Priya’s dedicated efforts to NOW program along with her other community involvement has led her to be the recipient of numerous scholarships and bursaries such as the Paul Yuzyk Award for Multiculturalism, the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award, Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs Award, the Merit Award and many more. Her positive contributions towards her community are aiding her to attend York University for Communication Studies this fall.

Priya Saha, alumni NOW peer leader from Jarvis Collegiate Institute began her journey with the NOW Program in the summer of 2014 after completing Peer Leader training activities at CultureLink. She used her skills to co-ordinate activities for the program participants and to also organize a reception for Canada’s former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the Honourable Chris Alexander; guiding him around Jarvis along with composing a poem and creating a thank-you card. In the summer 2015, Barbora Gomezova, the School Settlement Worker gave her the privilege of acting as a liaison between NOW and Jarvis. She conducted peer leader training for her fellow leaders through team building activities. She had her peers create a model of a space elevator designed by Thoth Technology and created a video portraying their efforts which she used to apply for a micro-grant from the NGO Playing for Keeps. Priya also designed and organized new activities for the participants, such as a multicultural hopscotch where each square represented a different nation and once you were at that square you completed a task in relation to that nation. Priya also organized the closing ceremony and invited members from community organizations to attend. As a model newcomer student, Priya strengthens our newcomer welcome activities and brings creativity, enthusiasm and passion to her endeavours. Good luck at York University Priya!