Become a Mentor

In a welcoming community, integration is a two-way street. While other countries lament that multiculturalism is failing, we Canadians have shown the world that the strong cohesiveness of our society embraces differences and fosters intercultural dialogues.

CultureLink’s Community Connections Mentorship Program is a classic example that showcases the communities’ efforts in cementing a multicultural society. Volunteer mentors are key to the ultimate success of integrating immigrants economically and socioculturally.

Who can be a Mentor?

Join us, if you can devote a minimum of 35 hours over a six-month period, to help a newcomer develop one or more of the following knowledge or skills:

  • English communication
  • Job search and self-marketing strategies
  • Canadian life and customs
  • Workplace culture
  • Insights into a specific profession or trade
  • Citizenship test preparation
  • Civic engagement
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • Project management skills
Why should I become a Mentor?

Mentors are the leaders of welcoming communities. Mentorship is arguably one of the most effective volunteer acts for integrating new Canadians. You would see tangible results after each and every meeting with your mentees, perhaps personally averting a newcomer family’s misery. While you will be making a tremendous difference in newcomers’ lives, your own tapestry of life will be enriched. Your cultural competency and other leadership qualities will be enhanced and will shine through the mentoring process. Mentorship adds value to the lives of both the newcomer mentees and volunteer mentors.

How does it work?

On the quest of pursuing newcomers’ true integration, you and your mentees are not alone. Our program will support you throughout the journey, providing you with training and even a “mentor for a mentor.” A mentorship coordinator will work closely with you and your mentees to ensure needs are identified and work plans are duly implemented. The group dynamics we introduce to the matching method will give you leverage to keep your mentees motivated both by peer support and peer leverage.

Become a Mentor today!

To become a mentor, fill out and submit the  application form on This will be a rewarding experience for you.