English Conversation Circles

English Conversation Circle

We know first hand that language is one of the biggest challenges for newcomers to Canada. That is why our priority is to help you overcome this barrier. There are many ways you can make quick progress in learning English. The secret can be summed up in three words: Practice, Practice, Practice. That’s right–you need a lot of practice and we can help!

At CultureLink, we provide you with a safe and pleasant learning environment, along with great mentors to help you practice your English. We are the first agency that has implemented the “English Conversation Circle” as an informal way of learning English through networking. We offer various English practising programs for different clients to meet different needs.

Join the Circle!

Registration is FREE for Landed Immigrants and Convention Refugees.

For a service that can best facilitate your English learning, fill out and submit CCMP’s Newcomer Registration Form.

For upcoming dates, visit CultureLink’s Event Calendar

Funded by IRCC