Canada Connects Program

A sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter. It is a feeling that most of us have experienced, therefore we can also understand the lack of .

Feeling that you belong means being part of something, which adds value to our life, allows us to form attachments to places or people, and also helps us cope with stress. When newcomers come to Canada, they often feel isolated as their extended family members and close circle of friends are not around anymore to support them in their “new” home.

To increase their sense of belonging to Canada, our Canada Connects program addresses the feelings of isolation by matching newcomers with experienced Canadian Volunteer Mentors, who will help them to navigate the Canadian Culture, practice English, learn new skills, build their confidence and build their social network.

Join our Program!

For upcoming Orientation and Match Meeting events, visit our Event Calendar.

For more information and registration contact Hashem, 437- 288-4915 or,  or Mania Elendari at 437- 249-4053 or email

You can also download, print and save the program flyer here  or here