Newcomers Speak Up for Success

CultureLink’s mentorship program is offering a series of sessions to practice Public Speaking and Beyond!

Public speaking is crucial in most careers as well as in our day to day lives. Sometimes we need to speak up to share our ideas in a professional setting or make a presentation or if we are in a supervisory role, we need to motivate our staff. Sometimes, we want to share our stories of a weekend getaway or crack a joke with our friends or colleagues in an interesting way. Sometimes we might be accepting an award and are asked to say few words or make a toast at a best friend’s wedding!

However, no matter how professional and confident one may be, every once in a while there’s a hesitation or fear of standing in front of people and talking about something…what a horror!

Is that a fact?

Yes, it is a proven fact that many of us suffer from fear or anxiety of speaking in front of public. Everyone reacts to it differently. For some it is stuttering or mumbling, for others it can be shaky legs or sweating. For some it’s easier to make a speech in their first language but they get terrified if they have to present something in another language. But with continuous practice and encouragement, this fear or anxiety can be defeated.

Many who don’t suffer from anxiety,need space and audience to practice and gain more confidence!

Newcomers Speak Up for Success is designed to help those newcomers who would like to try or practice public speaking in front of an audience either for job purposes or for the sake of personal interest.

Program Structure:

Currently, this program is designed to run bi-weekly for 7 consecutive weeks and once a year!

Each session is 2.5 hours long which includes presentation, discussion on related topics and hands-on practice and homework assignments (if required).

Sessions are offered in a friendly and motivating environment with demonstration, guidance and feedback from experienced mentors.

The last session is generally about presenting final speeches (if the attendees decide to do so) followed by group photos, awarding certificates and a potluck party.


This program provides a platform to practice hands-on public speaking as well as discussion on the following:

  • Types of speeches and presentations
  • Structure and styles of speeches
  • Body language and posture
  • Proper language
  • Using visual aids
  • Tips to overcome fear
  • Adding humor – is it necessary?
  • What’s trending in public speaking? etc.

Participants will:

  • Try impromptu speeches
  • Choose their own topics and prepare and present their speeches
  • Share and learn about new words or most commonly used phrases or slangs
  • Share who is their favourite speaker and why
  • Meet like-minded peers who may experience the same emotions when standing in front of a crowd, either be large or small!
  • Get ongoing support from volunteer mentors during the session
  • Learn and practice at their own pace
  • Make new friends and enhance networking skills
  • Receive certificate of participation

Join our program if you are a:

  • Newcomer (landed immigrant or convention refugees – a copy of documents is required).
  • Over the age or 19
  • At LINC level 5 and up!
  • Want to practice your public speaking and presentation skills in English and are open to learn and present (past experience is not required)
  • Attend one or all sessions. Drop-ins are welcome!

Contact Person:

Rubeen Chauhan (416-588-6288 x 231) | Email:

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