Workshops and Group Sessions

Recognizing the value of community engagement, our settlement program workers facilitate a variety of free workshops and group sessions that include Skills development for employment, Citizenship test preparation, Buying your first home, Credit score, Mortgage and insurance, Language skills, Parenting, Healthy and active lifestyle. Group activities are designed to meet the needs of newcomers and delivered at the different locations: public libraries and community centres.

The Library Settlement Partnerships (LSP) program and CultureLink invite you to join free Citizenship preparation classes at the Mimico Centennial Library to study for the Canadian Citizenship Test. Our five Citizenship preparation sessions are free and cover all topics included in the multiple-choice test you must pass to become a Canadian citizen: Canadian culture, history and geography, political system, national symbols, identity and values, the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Networking Event for Newcomers at the Eatonville Library in August 2019: 29 newcomers, coming from different professional backgrounds and 13 children joined us in this event.

LSP Program and CultureLink organized group visit with free tickets to Royal Ontario Museum in August 2019: 34 newcomers participated, most of them families with children.