Sankofa Youth Drop-In

This program gives all youth (regardless of status) the opportunity to interact with each other and learn new skills. The Program includes activities like arts and crafts, watching movies and documentaries, attending sport events, playing sports and games, etc. The program includes workshops to provide youth with useful knowledge and/or leadership skills.


“I arrived from Portugal 8 months ago. I was very shy and had a hard tome making friends. The SWIS Worker Ajith introduced me to Zarina who is the Youth Worker at CultureLink. They explained the program that CultureLink has to offer and I was immediately eager to join. What I like about being a part of the Youth Program here is that I can be myself, I feel free and that my opinions matter. Before I joined this program I dealt with a lot of anxiety and this program helps me relieve stress. My favorite activity this year was when we went bouldering. I’m excited about the upcoming programs in the summer. I also attended my first blue jays game with this group. I feel that I can be myself here and everyone likes you. I have also introduced my friends to this program that also have good things to say about the program.”

                                                                                                                                                                -Miguel Andrade