Our New Location

CultureLink is proud to announce the opening of our new location, The CultureLink Children and Youth Centre at 3535 Dundas Street West. As part of our strong commitment to positive youth development, and meeting young people’s needs in safe, creative and supportive environments, the CultureLink Children and Youth Centre will deliver dynamic strength based programs that address the root causes …

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Artegration After-School Program

Artegration is an After-School program for newcomer children between ages 6-12. It provides children artistic and recreational activities, help with homework, and workshops on English literacy, healthy lifestyle choices, leadership, community capacity building and civic pride. The goal is to help them integrate into their new communities, through fun and educational sessions.

Mabelle After-School Program

The Mabelle After-School Program is a free afterschool program for children ages 6-13 living in the TCH community of Mabelle. With a goal of creating an inclusive space that promote children’s physical and mental health, this program focuses on nutrition, indoor and outdoor recreational activities and homework help/health education. The Mabelle After-School increases self- esteem, promotes physical and emotional well- …