When Newcomers Give Back…

Rubina Afsar NOW News, SWIS News

On November 19th former students of Central Toronto Academy came back with their very special stories of success to address the whole school.  Among them were recipients of prestigious awards and scholarships for their extra-curricular and community work while they were students at the school. Zuberi Atard who founded Student Action Network to assist newcomer students to have volunteer experience and Isaac Hassen who was a NOW program volunteer and completed high school within one year after arrival to Canada.

The peer based assembly heard their stories, many barriers they faced and how their resilience and supportive services at school helped them realize their full potential.

After the school assembly, they facilitated a hands on workshop attended by many newcomer peers of opportunities where they could seek financial awards. It was inspiring to see newcomer students still give back to the community at large and inspire their peers!