Mentoring is a “Gift and a Privilege”

We have a wide range of excellent mentors at CultureLink.  Paul Thorne is a great example (the tall man at the back).  Paul became involved in the Syrian Men’s Mentorship Program because he heard what was happening in Syria and could not imagine being forced to leave his own home due to war, especially with children. He and fellow mentor, Paul Oxley, conduct weekly classes to help the group practice English, learn about Canadian culture and other practical considerations about life in Canada. He explained that the most enjoyable part of this experience was seeing the mentees grow more confident in general and speak English more fluently as meetings progressed.
Paul says he has gained a great deal from the experience. “I have had the opportunity to develop my leadership style and skills. I have made connections with other mentors and mentees. I have watched some of the Syrian men grow more confident over the last six months – that is a real gift and privilege.” He said that he would definitely recommend this volunteer experience to others, as he felt it was a rewarding experience and he could see the impact of his effort.
Thank you Paul, for your hard work, dedication and amazing impact here at CultureLink! The commitment and motivation of our volunteers is what enables us to create such inclusive and innovative programs here at CultureLink and we appreciate everything you have done for us and the community.
Would you like to get involved as a mentor with CCMP? Contact Terry Baker ( for information on our wide array of programs and volunteer opportunities.
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