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Sustainable Communities

Here at CultureLink, we are passionate about the benefits of cycling, both for our planet and our community. Our Sustainable Communities program promotes healthier, happier, eco-friendly lives for our newcomers and their fellow citizens through a range of cycling initiatives.

Our Bike Host events give newcomers the chance to discover Toronto on two wheels alongside a mentor, while Mississauga Cycles offers the same experience for the GTA city’s locals. You’ll be able to practice your communication skills and learn about community issues along the way. Meanwhile, the Bike to School project is all about nurturing a cycling habit among our youth through school programs and community workshops. To ensure you’re ready for our cycling events, you can learn how to repair your bike or refurbish a donated one at our Bike Hub in North York.


  • Embrace the great outdoors and boost your well-being. 
  • Meet other like-minded people and make friends.
  • Learn valuable practical skills that contribute to our sustainable cycling culture.
  • Explore your new home in a relaxed and fun way. 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and commuting costs.
  • Make exercise a regular part of your routine.


  • Our cycling activities are open to  newcomers and the community.

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