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Community Connections Mentorship Program

When it comes to feeling settled in Canada, making new connections in your community has many important benefits. Our Community Connections Mentorship Program is all about linking you to the right people who can help you on your journey to integrating here in your new home. As part of our program, we’ll also help you gain access to the services you need to thrive. 

This program is one of our broadest and encompasses a huge number of exciting events you can participate in. We encourage you to embrace what’s on offer and enjoy opportunities to develop your knowledge, skills and network so that you can get the most out of your new life in Canada. Our Community Connections Mentorship Program covers everything from career mentoring and citizenship learning to free newcomer activities like walking, art and winter sports.


  • Enjoy access to a range of newcomer support, tailored to your needs and interests. 
  • Work with a mentor, building your skills and a valuable connection in your new home.
  • Make friends and establish a social network in Canada.
  • Try new events and activities, developing important experience and confidence.
  • Access the information you need, including referrals and resources.
  • Feel part of your community and open the door to new opportunities.


  •  If you are new to Canada as a Landed Immigrant or a Convention Refugee, we’d love you to join us.

Program information

  • For more details, please contact Riya

How to join

  • Please fill in our Newcomer Registration Form. This will help us better understand your needs and find a good mentoring match for you.
  • You can also visit our Events Calendar for details of upcoming events offered as part of this program.

CCMP Activities

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