Newcomer Mental Health Program

Moving to a new home and country is a huge change. While it’s an exciting and positive step in a new direction, there can be lots of challenges and uncertainty along the way. All of this can be emotional and unsettling, and it can take its toll on your mental health.

Our Newcomer Mental Health Program is here for you, with friendly helpers who will listen and direct you to services and resources. You might be struggling with something specific or just want to talk through your decisions and options—either way, you can turn to us for help.

As part of this program we offer one-on-one brief counselling to newcomers with complex needs, as well as referrals for short-term counselling in the Ukrainian language. 


  • Engage with valuable one-to-one support for newcomers with multiple needs.
  • Feel empowered and encouraged during the settlement process.
  • Take part in a comprehensive newcomer settlement needs assessment. 
  • Receive referrals to appropriate community programs and resources. 
  • Gain access to the resources you need,including referrals to community programs.
  • Join group activities that offer coping strategies, self-help opportunities and general personal development. 
  • Make new friends and learn from your shared experiences.


  • This program is open to all newcomers, regardless of your settlement status. 

How to join