Damian’s “Hit-Restart” story

Naadiya Sharmarke News

Damian is a highly skilled newcomer from El Salvador. He holds a Master degree of Financial Administration and a bachelor degree of Industrial Engineering with skills and experience in Office Management, Operations Management, Organizational Design and Process Improvement.

He knew that he has the required skills for landing a good job in Canada but didn’t know where to start and how to navigate his way through the unfamiliar Canadian employment market.

Damian attended Hit Restart for Engineers Program at Culturelink . The program helped him to become job ready, from knowing how to tailor his resume to interview practice. He knew how to navigate the hiring process and felt confident when he started receiving invitations for job interviews. He was also matched with a mentor who gave him extra help and support. Damian got his first job in Canada as a temporary Domestic Logistics Coordinator, with in few month he was offered a full time permanent position.

by Eman El Atawy