Wellness for All – Share ‘n Care with Meditation

Sarah Ahsan SWIS News

CultureLink organized a series of Wellness Sessions for all in the month of June 2021 spread over a period of four days in the evenings, with each group session lasting an hour. The purpose of the Wellness Sessions was geared towards stress and relief through a specialized form of meditation.

Participants were taught how to handle negative emotions such as anger, regrets and depression. By dealing with these emotions, there is a sense of peace and relaxation that results in mental clarity, focus and confidence to find solutions for any challenges. They enjoyed learning about the Breathe Water Sound Meditation technique, under the guidance of trained expert Jasminder Virk, from the Art of Living.

The Breathe Water Sound meditation is a program from the International Association of Human Values (IAHV), which seeks to address the challenges of economically and emotionally distressed communities by empowering them. The first step towards empowerment is stress elimination and inner confidence through simple breathing, sound relaxation and meditation techniques taught to relax the individual.

The International Association of Human Values is an organization that looks to reduce stress and develop leaders so that human values can flourish in people and communities. Its founder, who also founded the Art of Living, is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a global peace ambassador and humanitarian.


“Sometimes we tend to take everything for granted. When we take a moment to realize it makes us full of gratitude. It was a beautiful experience. I feel the difference in my life overall. Thank you.” – Chaynika

“Good and feeling fresh. Thank you for the session.” – Vimla

“It was great!” – Anmol