Job Success in Canada

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Kian was a Transportation Planner / Civil Engineer in Iran and when he arrived in Canada in 2016, he was confident that his decade of experience and wide range of technical skills would assure him of immediate employment. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Those skills that had driven him to success in Iran did not translate into the Canadian style of jobseeking.

To address the situation, he joined CultureLink’s Hit Restart Program for Engineers. After a week of training with other participants, he was ready to meet with AECOM staff for a speed mentoring event.  While on holiday in Iran not long after, he received an invitation for an interview. He rushed back and was connected to two HR specialists who volunteered for CultureLink and provided feedback to him in a number of online practice interviews. As a result of all this work, he aced the interview and now works for AECOM as a Transit / Rail Planner.

Kian Quote: “I can honestly say that the Hit Restart for Engineers program and connecting us to have a mentoring event with Aecom is one of my best experiences I have ever had. I always be thankful to you.”