Bicycle Hub operated by CultureLink, Toronto

Summer at the Bike Hub

Lisa News

This summer, a group of kids learned how to fix bikes together.  At the Bike Hub that Culturelink is operating at 15 Tobermory Drive, we spent the warm days of August getting to know the neighbourhood – the people, buildings, streets, food, and of course the bicycles.  As a new part of the Sustainable Communities team we’re getting things rolling to help people reuse, repair, and choose bicycles as a way to get around in the Jane and Finch community.

The first nine graduates of the Earn-a-Bike program were energetic, eager learners who didn’t shy away from flat tires, rusty chains, stuck brakes, or even taking apart a whole wheel.  With snack breaks, obviously!

By the time they were ready to go back to school, each of them had a bicycle they had worked to rebuild themselves.  They’re excited to keep learning and keeping their bikes in good shape so they enjoy the bike-friendly facilities nearby, like the Black Creek trail and the Finch trail, and the new bike lane on Shoreham drive.  You can read more about the Bike Hub at

Danielle Griscti, Youth Worker, Bicycle Repair Hubs