The CultureLink Bike Hub

The CultureLink Bike Hub at 15 Tobermory Drive (near Jane & Finch) in North York supports local cyclists and fosters a culture of repair and reuse. We help people fix their own bicycles, and provide bike repair workshops on-site and in the neighbourhood. But people don’t need to have a bike already to benefit from this project. That’s because we collect used bicycles, salvage the good parts, and build up new bikes. In these ways, we reduce the waste that goes to landfill or scrap metal recycling. At the same time, more people get to enjoy having a bike that works! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Bike Hub programs

As we manage the changed conditions of COVID-19, we are operating with improved health and safety measures. We are eager to serve residents!

We are currrently repairing and refurbishing bicycles for community residents, at no cost. We are generally on-site on Tuesdays (3:30-6:30pm) and Saturdays (10am-3pm) and offer these services BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

For more information, contact the Bike Hub:

Community Reduce and Reuse Programs

The City of Toronto supports the Bike Hub as one pillar of Solid Waste Management Services’ Community Reduce and Reuse Programs. This is a great initiative at the City, and CultureLink is pleased to be involved! The Bike Hub advances CultureLink’s Green Settlement goals. It strengthens our other bike programs, the Bike to School Project and Bike Host. We get to collaborate with other great projects like Scarborough Cycles and the Gateway Bike Hub in Thorncliffe Park/Flemingdon Park.  And finally, at the Bike Hub we help participants gain useful skills and make a difference in their lives.