The CultureLink Bike Hub

The CultureLink Bike Hub at 15 Tobermory Drive (near Jane & Finch) in North York supports local cyclists and fosters a culture of repair and reuse. We help people fix their own bicycles, and provide bike repair workshops on-site and in the neighbourhood. But people don’t need to have a bike already to benefit from this project. That’s because we collect used bicycles, salvage the good parts, and build up new bikes. In these ways, we reduce the waste that goes to landfill or scrap metal recycling. At the same time, more people get to enjoy having a bike that works! It’s a win-win for everyone.


We accept donations of bikes, bike parts and bike equipment in all shapes and forms! If you have a bike you no longer use, extra equipment, or other bike parts, please bring them over to our Bike Hub, and we will make sure they will be brought back to life by our dedicated staff and volunteers and given away to those who need them.

You can drop the bike to our location (15 Tobermory Dr, North York, ON M3N 2R5), during our opening hours (that is Tuesdays from 3 PM to 7 PM, Thursdays from 3PM to 7 PM and alternate Saturday, starting January 13, 2024, from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Bike Hub programs

DIY hours: 

Together with our experienced mechanics, you can learn how to repair the bike you have, or refurbish one from our pool. You can join DIY hours at no cost, and no registration is required. Our capacity is up to 4 visitors at the time (first-come-first-serve basis). 

We are on-site on Tuesdays (3 PM – 7PM), Thursdays ( 3PM – 7PM) and alternate Saturdays (10AM – 3PM) starting 13 January, 2024.

Earn a Bike: 

Earn a Bike allows participants to learn basic bike mechanics and bike maintenance through 8 sessions long (32h) program. To goal of the program is to provide basic bike maintenance skills to bike-owners and hobbyists so they can do adjustments, small repairs, preventative maintenance, and parts replacement on their own bikes. We accept up to 5 students per each Earn a Bike module and welcome participants age 12 and above. Registration for Earn a Bike is required (see below). Further details and approximate wait time are provided upon registration. 

Bike to the Future: 

Bike to the Future program is aimed to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills in bike assembly, maintenance, and repair and prepare them for jobs in the bike mechanic workforce (e.g., repair shops, manufacturers, etc.). Minimum age to enroll is 16 and registration for this program is required (see below). Further details and approximate wait time are provided upon registration. 

For more information, contact the Bike Hub:

To register for Bike Hub programs (Earn a Bike and Bike to the Future), please use this form:


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