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A Settlement Testimonial

As a Settlement organization, we want to make sure that new Canadians have access to the information and resources they need. Our job is to ensure that the transition into their new home is smooth and as easy as possible. With so much to do after moving to a different country and the initial cultural shock, the experience can be overwhelming. Our team is ready to assist individuals and families and get them from just-landed to settled.

Following is the story of one successful settlement process, written by the client who reached out and received guidance from our Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) Program.

My name is Hamada Kassam and it is my pleasure to share with you my story. I am a Syrian newcomer and assistant professor of literature and academic writing. I landed in Canada as a permanent resident in June 2019, coming from Dubai, UAE. I came to Canada with my family (my wife and our son), and we were blessed with another son here in Mississauga, Ontario. It has been an amazing new chapter in our lives so far. Nothing takes the pleasure of seeing our children grow and embrace the happy, enriching school life as well as the abundance of greenery and kindness Canada generously offers.

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank CultureLink Settlement and Community Services, I met one of their settlement workers through my connections. I was fortunate and grateful to find them upon arriving in Canada to provide us with the main skills and services that enabled me and my family to settle down. They have assisted me since the moment I landed here. They have helped me and my family to settle down quickly and do everything a newcomer should do in order to adapt and cope in a new country and become an effective member of the community. They kept us informed and updated on the latest news and developments that a newcomer should be aware of. Also, they have always been there whenever I needed information and guidance.

We are thankful for the great initiatives taken by the SWIS team at CultureLink to assist and support newcomer families in Canada, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their work is moving and inspiring. Their impressive work has enabled me to quickly focus on finding a job and successfully navigate the job market. I am now a high school English and social science teacher who significantly contributes to the community in building and shaping new generations of students in Ontario.

Dr. Hamada Kassam

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