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Youth Settlement Services

Our Youth Settlement Services program is designed to help newcomer children and youth feel at home in Canada. We know how important it is for young people to find their place in a new community and build the connections they need to thrive. 

We run two events as part of this program. 

Our Children and Youth Settlement Services events involve artistic and recreational activities, giving young people the opportunity to integrate and meet peers in a relaxed setting. There is also a focus on developing new skills and knowledge, like improving conversational English, learning about Toronto and preparing for further education or employment. Our mentors can also provide help with homework. 

These settlement service events are either focused on sports, recreation or community services (Youth in Action) or on expression and connection through the arts (Youth in Arts). 

Our Wintegration event is free and takes place after school, for children aged 6-12 years living in the Toronto Community Housing of Mabelle. We aim to improve children’s self-esteem, as well as their physical and emotional wellbeing. This is achieved through indoor and outdoor recreational activities, alongside health education and support with homework. 


  • Enjoy access to a range of newcomer support, tailored to your needs and interests. 
  • Work with a mentor, building your skills and a valuable connection in your new home.
  • Make friends and establish a social network in Canada.
  • Try new events and activities, developing important experience and confidence.
  • Access the information you need, including referrals and resources.
  • Feel part of your community and open the door to new opportunities.


  • Children and Youth, newcomers or refugees, between 12-24 years old.

How to join

  • Visit our Events Calendar for details of upcoming events.
  • For more details, please contact
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