A Student Placement Experience

By Isabel Laparra

As a soon to be graduate from Working Skills Centre, part of my curriculum was to do my student placement at an organization or company of my choice. I was doing my research online, looking for an organization that provided settlement services. I found CultureLink online and read about all the services and programs they offered, I knew instantly that I wanted to my student placement alongside an organization that aids and supports newcomers of all ages to Canada. I received an email from Claudia Rivera (Student and Volunteer Coordinator) that I had been given the opportunity to do my placement at Culture Link, words cannot describe how ecstatic I was about the news. I was teamed up with Rehmat Afzal (Receptionist) to help with reception and administrative duties.

Overall I would describe my student placement at CultureLink to be very memorable, gaining beneficial work experience. I participated in the 2016 Annual General Meeting, greeting and registering clients for the event, as well as creating a PowerPoint to be displayed in the reception area Celebrating Cultural Diversity. These were some of the many duties I was appointed to do, I really appreciated how much trust I was given from the staff to perform tasks and duties. I also had a close interaction with the staff and clients, allowing me to have a more in depth knowledge about all the services and programs offered. I know that the experience I received at CultureLink will help me in the future when working in the non-profit sector or any company.

Since coming to CultureLink I have a new perspective about the organization. I witnessed firsthand the hard work and dedication the staff provide for its clients. Families, youth, and seniors really depend on this organization. CultureLink facilitates its clients to integrate themselves into Canadian society in a healthy, positive and meaningful way. I am honored that I was able to do my student placement at CultureLink, and be part of the remarkable work it provides.

I want to thank all the staff at CultureLink for being friendly, and kind to me. CultureLink is an organization that is very influential with a strong team behind it, dedicated to every single individual who comes in. I would recommend students to do their student placement at CultureLink, you will gain the most valuable experience all while helping your community come together.