Announcing the Amalgamation (Merger) of CultureLink Settlement and Community Services and Parkdale Community Information Centre.





The Boards of Directors of CultureLink Settlement and Community Services (CultureLink) and Parkdale Community Information Centre (PCIC) are pleased to share with you that their two agencies have amalgamated (merged) pursuant to the approval of the amalgamation agreement as required by subsection 113(3) of the Corporations Act. The activities of the Amalgamated Corporation will continue under the name of CultureLink Settlement and Community Services.

Over the past several years, there have been changes and challenges to the non-profit sector that impacted on programming sustainability. Some organizations have had to integrate their services to maintain critical service delivery for the community. To this end, CultureLink Settlement and Community Services (CultureLink) and Parkdale Community Information Centre (PCIC) have been in discussion for the past two years to ensure that PCIC services continue to thrive and support community members. Last year, after examining the potential gains of program integration, as well as their shared visions and objectives, the board of directors of both organizations gave their full commitment to advancing a merge. Very recently, the provincial approval was received and the integration of services has begun. CultureLink and PCIC services are expected to be fully integrated by August 2019 and PCIC service delivery will become a new program of CultureLink, namely Parkdale Community Development Program, which will continue to support the Parkdale neighbourhood with the same and/or enhanced services.

CultureLink is a non-profit charity with over 30 years of experience developing and delivering services to meet the needs of diverse communities. Our services connect cultures to build welcoming communities. We assist newcomers looking for employment, help families navigate the school system, and provide youth with the skills necessary for bright and successful futures. CultureLink provides a wide range of settlement and community programs from children to seniors.  It delivers these programs directly through schools, libraries, community spaces, onsite at its premises, and through its partners and over 600 active volunteers in Toronto.

Parkdale Community Information Centre (PCIC) is a non-profit charitable community service centre that was legally incorporated in 1976 in the Parkdale Public Library. PCIC is committed to meeting the diverse and changing needs of the community through the delivery of accessible, effective programs and services.  The Centre helps people living in Parkdale who many of whom are low-income and marginalized including newcomer immigrants, refugees and people with disabilities to access community and government resources and services that enable them to live more independently while encouraging their participation in community life.

The PCIC Program will not decrease in service but rather increase as CultureLink’s large staff base will be a resource to the PCIC Program by filling in service gaps. This merger will result in long-term sustainability and financial stability for the PCIC Program, and may provide the opportunity to leverage assets that will contribute to future viability.  This merge also provides significant expansion for CultureLink, enhancing our capacity to provide quality services for clients across the lifespan. We are confident that CultureLink will provide positive stewardship to PCIC’s community base who clearly fits within our mandate.

We would like to thank the entire stakeholders of both organizations for their advice, understanding and unequivocal support for this crucial development in the history of our organizations. Together, we will be able to respond to the critical needs of the community.


Ruba Bilal                                                                Arlene Clement\Chair of the Board of Directors,                                  Chair of Board of Directors

CultureLink.                                                              PCIC.

Contact: should you require more information, please contact our Executive Director, Ibrahim Absiye at OR at (416) 588-6288 ext. 202.