Another Successful CIBC Recruitment/Networking Event

Last Wednesday we had a very successful CIBC Recruitment / Networking event at CultureLink’s main office. We provided 38 newcomers with the opportunity to be part of CIBC’s future workforce and ca chance to connect with banking leaders and Human Resources people.

The CIBC team was led by Andrew Vassos, District Vice President and our board member. Along with Nick Assisi, Banking Centre Leader, and a very enthusiastic and energetic group of managers and Talent Acquisition team, all 11 members of CIBC worked very hard and full of energy to interview our clients for current opportunities at the bank. They also shared general advice regarding a career in the Banking and Finance sector.

Our clients were very happy and thankful to get this great opportunity, one of them told us that this was the best-organized event she has participated as a newcomer to Canada, and we are very proud that she felt that way.

The CIBC team was very happy meeting such a great group of qualified candidates and started the discussion with us for a coming event in three months. Our last CIBC event got four candidates the opportunity to work with CIBC and we are hoping that the numbers will increase in future events.

I would like to say thanks to my colleagues, Rubina, Victor and Terry for the great help in organizing this event. – Rakesh Bhardwaj.


“The event was organized brilliantly. Really appreciate the way you coordinated and sent us step-by-step email at every point (the material to prepare for the interview was very thoughtful and supportive of you!)”

“First of all a very big thanks to all the CultureLink team for all the pain and efforts for making this event possible and ensuring that each mentee should get a chance to meet mentors. Thanks for giving us the platform to meet employers via CultureLink.”

“It was very informative and the interaction with senior leaders of CIBC was pretty much exciting and I am sure it will add a lot of value in terms of our Business Networking. I look forward for more event like these”

“Thank you for arranging today’s event, this kind of events help newcomers like myself with a shortened path to get introduced to the target profiles and the hiring managers.”

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