Bike to School Project

CultureLink has become a leader in the cycling community with the Bike Host Program and the Bike to School Project. With a Bicycle Friendly Business Award under our belt, it is also a leader as an employer by building safe bicycle storage within our office. With cycling becoming a popular mode of transportation in the community, on street parking has reached capacity and street security has been an issue with various thefts. Our new rack houses 10 bicycles and is available for employees to safely store their rides during their work day in a secured room.  With this new capacity, Sustainable Communities will introduce a few bikes to be shared for employees to sign out for meetings or lunch breaks. We also have a pump and tools in case of minor repairs needed. Many thanks to the SWIS program for sharing their workspace and to CultureLink for being a leader in the community. Happy Bike Month.
Chantelle Campbell-Sholzberg, Program Worker Bike to School Project