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Career Options for Newcomer Youth

For someone who wasn’t born in Canada or whose parents grew up in a different country, deciding what to do after school presents additional challenges: not really knowing about all the available options and having preconceived notions of what paths are ‘better’ than others, based on their experience abroad.

Newcomers benefit greatly from information in many areas, but for youth it is specially important to learn about all the ways they can continue their education and/or earn a living after high school.

With that in mind, last March Break, CultureLink’s Children and Youth Centre invited representatives from educational institutions, non traditional occupations and retail companies, to talk about career options.

On day 1, participants learned about the possibilities of creative professions such as events marketing, arts and design and videography. From college application requirements to the experience of turning a hobby into a full-time job, the speakers covered many aspects of studying and working in these industries.

On day 2, participants heard from organizations that provide training programs and apprenticeship career opportunities that facilitate employment opportunities in construction and other trades.

On day 3, representatives from retail stores such as Tim Hortons, Burger King and Canadian Tire interviewed dozens of youth ready and eager to find part-time jobs. At least one of them was invited to a second interview after the event and was hired!

Throughout the week, young newcomers received tons of information and help on their job-search and beyond. They used their time away from school wisely and are on their way to a brighter future.




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