Celebrities from Syrian Diaspora community visit the Nai choir

This week the choir gained attention from Syrian celebrity figures, thanks goes to Mr. Mohammed Al Zaibak for his successful efforts to bridge the choir with celebrities such as Mr. Michael the founder of Michigan Arab orchestra, in addition to introducing Jehad and Albina who are the founders of the Enana Ballet Academy in Doha and Dubai.

Mr. Michael played the Mezmar instrument with the kids and they enjoyed it a lot.

On June 22nd, 2016 Nai choir performed at Luminato event, it was an Iftar event during the month of Ramadan.  Minister of finance Bill Morneau attended the event and was delighted to see the kids performing on stage.

On July 8th of 2016 the choir performed at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Representatives attending from the Airport, Metolinx and Uptrain were fascinated by the kid’s amazing performance. As an appreciation to the parents the airport provided all adult choir kid’s parents with a 150$ preloaded presto card; to make the travelling throughout the GTA for refugees easier.

The funding of the TTC tokens that were donated by the GTAA, are important to note for their substantial outcome towards the choir. Due to their generosity the parents were able to commit for bringing their kids for every choir rehearsal on weekly basis since April, which facilitated our mission. By utilizing these valuable resources Culturelink was also able to create a community interaction for the parents that are attending. Meanwhile the kids are practicing Culturelink managed to form a diversified English conversation circles for their parents. This created a friendly environment for those newcomers/refugees to Canada whom are in need of such opportunities to socialize and learn with local volunteers.

Written by Nadeen Abu Shaban, Program Worker for Women’s Host Program
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