Culturelink’s Cycling mentorship program continues to innovate for newcomers

Bike Host, CultureLink’s trailblazing cycling mentorship program for newcomers to Canada enrolled 55 newcomer participants and 22 mentors in 2016, mainly in East York and Scarborough. Participants were loaned a bike if they needed one. Saving money on transit, gasoline and cab fares was one reported benefit of the program, along with fun, health and exercise, and meeting new people. The annual newsletter includes vibrant photography and inspiring stories, like this testimonial:
“From enjoying absolute freedom while cycling to being a confident cyclist in the busy roads of Toronto, I am loving everything about cycling. I have discovered my area, neighbourhood and surroundings every day from a new viewpoint. The group riding has enabled me to interact with the other members. Without being able to bike, I would hardly have known about the beautiful trails around this beautiful city.”


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