Drama Sessions for Syrian Newcomer Women

In an attempt to break the isolation for Syrian Newcomer Women, CultureLink’s Settlement Workers in Schools program is partnering with a professional Syrian women in Drama; Mania Elendari and Auntie Amal Community Centre to provide training sessions mostly focused on Art and Drama and other topics suggested by the Syrian Newcomer Women.

The idea of providing such training sessions is to integrate the Syrian newcomer women into a social environment that strengthens the individual social role. As you have noticed during the recent arrival of thousands of Syrian families to Canada, most of the Syrian family members were integrating within the Canadian community so fast and with more ease.

CultureLink has the opportunity to provide training sessions to those women and give them another chance to be more active and smoothly settled within their new home.

The idea of the drama program also focuses on communication skills through working with individuals in a group in an attempt to restore or reconstruct their social roles, individuality and collective identity. As you know, during wars and disasters, people are exposed to various types of loss, like the loss of their loved ones, homes, jobs, and most importantly their role as people with a certain social status, so such kind of training provided by CultureLink, plays a very crucial role in the women’s lives.

At Last, it was a very wonderful experience for the Syrian Women to have such training sessions where the core of all our activities is concentrated on releasing trauma, developing the women’s confidence and independence.

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