From QA to Cybersecurity: My Journey as a Newcomer in Canada

At CultureLink, we understand the challenges newcomers face when integrating into a new country. Our mission is to support them on their journey as they make Canada their new home.Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming a passionate QA engineer to our Cybersecurity Training Program. Eager to embrace new challenges and enhance her skill set, she embarked on a transformative journey with us. Here’s her story, in her own words.

From Kateryna

I am Kateryna from Ukraine, and I like challenges as well as learning new things in life. I have been working as a QA engineer for more than three years, and at one moment, I realized that one of the important things in this fast-growing digital world is safety. Safety first. Everywhere. Cybersecurity protects and keeps our online identity safe. So, I started to search for opportunities to learn about cybersecurity. And opportunities found me: One month before coming to Canada, I saw a post on social media from CultureLink about their cybersecurity training program for newcomers.

“I am a newcomer! I am interested in cybersecurity!” I said to myself. After a few selection process steps, I found myself in their office, meeting with other inspired people who want to dive into the training program prepared by CultureLink.

In the first week, we studied how to write a resume and how to conduct ourselves during interviews. Step by step, we got a clear picture of the job search process in Canada. After one week, I felt that I had all the knowledge and resources needed to try getting my first job in Canada.

I found a job posting at a cybersecurity product company that was looking for a QA engineer. After sending my resume, which had been reviewed and approved by the staff at CultureLink, I got my first and second (technical) interviews, which I successfully passed.

I am very thankful to CultureLink for allowing me to participate in such a training program. The warm and professional attitude of the CultureLink staff throughout the program made me feel welcomed in Canada.

I would 100% recommend CultureLink to any newcomer seeking help, whether for professional growth or social adaptation.